our first audible/profitable exhibition/economy

Time: 2016-11-17 - 2017-10-22
Format: sound vending machines, composition
Collaborators: Niek Hilkmann Michael J. Muik

In "our audible/profitable economy/exhibition" financial microtransactions are transformed into extratonal soundstructures. The project consists of several machines - many of them alternative applications of existing technology - that visitors can activate by inserting a coin. This triggers the machines to become performers, carrying out a specific task, either mechanically, electrically, pneumatically, kinetically or imaginary, in order to create an unique sonic event. When an investment is made in all machines at the same time, they will perform one superior composition. By doing this they form a micro economy that supports both their manufacturers (empty) pockets and, thereby, themselves. By emphasizing this aspect of the machine as a performer, earning its own income, we hope to examine both the conditions of mechanized labour within the cultural industry, and the ethics involved for the artists that built the machines that execute it.